QTRAC VR >> Electronic Virtual Queuing System

QtracVR allows customers to queue for services without having to physically wait in line.


>> Creates a relaxed, pleasing environment, helping to increase customer satisfaction

>> Maximises customer flow and agent efficiency

>> Leverages wait time by integrating promotion, advertising and branding to a captive audience

>> Works with your existing Server/Network infrastructure, as a stand-alone network, or as SaaS (Software as a Service)

>> Fully scalable from a single store to multiple sites

>> Add an unlimited number of Service/Station Agents

>> Agents can instantly pull from any queue/service or see all services together


Virtual queuing is effective at a dispersing waiting crowds and creating a pleasent environment. It frees customers to shop while they wait, increasing impulse purchases and decreasing perceived wait times. And it allows you to communicate directly with customers via ticket, the LCD display, and the text messaging.


(1) Customers register at a kiosk for their desired service and receive a ticket that specifies their unique call number, the service for which they registered, and the estimated wait time.

(2) While waiting for service, customers can relax, browse, or shop.

(3) The QtracVR LCD Monitor can display promotional stills or advertising videos in addition to showing queued customers and other information.

(4) Customers are called to service when the Service Agent clicks the service button on his screen. Agents can access the screen directly from their PC.

(5) Customers are called to the service window via LCD displays placed around the area.