QTRAC IQ >> Demand-driven Cleaning

Cleaning and feedback facility management solution for improving customer service.

The Heart Of The QCC System



The Survey Touch Screen

- Collects and reports customer
  feedback in real-time
- Different feedback options possible
- Displays last cleaning time
- Adaptable User Interface
- On-time troubleshooting
- Clock in/out for cleaning
- Flat surface mounting



                                              The Ceiling Sensor

                                             - Detects users anonymously
                                             - Directional counting
                                             - Simple ceiling mount
                                             - Unobtrusive appearance
                                             - Data transmission (WLAN or GSM)


How does it work - Guest

Ceiling sensor counts the number of persons using the facility. Customers can give feedback on the QCC feedback terminal in seconds when leaving. By evaluating the frequency and customer feedback the cleaning frequency will be adjusted as needed.

How does it work - Cleaning Staff

With the PIN-based or RFID token-based log-on/log-off option, the system records information about service times of cleaners. When the cleaner logs off, last cleaning time appears on the display of the touch screen. A second staff-user level is used to register online for any damage or repair.

This contributes to the fact that the complete facility management and maintenance can be done efficiently without paperwork and red tape.

From Reaction To Action

The services management uses real-time information and a dashboard on a smartphone or on a screen in the ops center, meaning it is all web-based and flexible, and can be tailored for different user groups. Even the third-party service providers can get a selected view to support more efficient processes.

Customers have the choice: they can either run their own Qmetrix server or let Qmetrix do the job. The system can handle multiple user groups (cleaners, supervisors, analysts, third parties, etc) and all artwork can be changed easily and on the fly without interruption of service and from a central location.

Dashboard And Reports Turn Guessing Into Planning


Powerful, customized reports and dashboards provide simple to understand, acionable data and forecasts for optimizing the cleaning frequency.

Real-Time Notifications If Tresholds Are Exeeded

Actionable, real-time alerts allow managers to better control usage, heading off cleaning needs. Text-based or email alerts can be customized.

Why Facility Manager Trust In QCC

It goes without saying that customer feedback is a key input for service design, delivery and improvement. The art of getting good feedback is to ask customers in a timely manner and makeit easy and fun. The system gives instant insights into what customers think about the provided service. Real-time data allows timely

reaction on operational problems and changes in customer mood.

Optimization is the logical next step. Who is going where to clean or fix things? Even better, when do I clean to keep the service level but avoid the visitor peak? Even SLA monitoring and invoicing can be done.

QCCs benefits at one sight: