QTRAC IQ >> Electronic Measuring and Analysis of Queues

Qtrac iQ is the innovative instrument for real-time measuring of queue length and queue waiting time. We help you to keep your service promise, increase service levels and reduce cost in three steps.

(1) Measure

The Wireless Queue Sensor (WQI) inside the belt post works like a turnstile with a virtual arm length of 150 cm (up to 200 cm possible on request).
Qtrac iQ requires no power cords and data cables. Every transit is recorded with time stamp and direction. Detection is based on infrared optometrics with sophisticated signal processing. Passangers are counted in intervalls and results are transmitted to the coordinator. Priority events such as the reaching of predefined queue length or waiting time can be transmitted in real-time. 

(2) Monitor

With Qtrac iQ it is possible to measure customer and passenger flows in real-time and to identify specific customer groups, market factors as well as other influences in over time. Qtrac iQ also supports the staff management for Service/Station Agents have an overview on their screen of open check-in desks, real-time waiting times, and how crowded linings are. So it is possible to open or close extra check-in desks or cashiers in time.


Planning Instead of Guessing

Qtrac iQ supports planners with their annual, monthly, and weekly forecasts. The analysis of the recorded data allows to recognise interday profiles, weekly, saisonal, and holiday peaks. Even the check-in behaviour of customers will be visible and projectable.

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QTRAC IQ >> Range of Application and Technical Implementation

Off-Line Measuring with On-Demand Analysis

Within a lot of situations there is in great demand a fast, simple and mobile measuring of access, e.g. within service sectors like tourism, administration, commerce, promotion, and many more.

Applications are nearly infinite! Measured data will be logged by the system and can be readout and analysed by a smart card.

Off-Line Measuring with Daily Auto-Upload

Acces data can be excellently used for forecasting customer frequency and therefore for humans resources planning. With the utilisation of measuring sensors in all waiting areas for example there can be easily determined a general view of incoming flow of customers over-time.

By means of GSM based auto-uploads, data transfer will be effected automatically once a day.

In combination with a statistics and forecast module, the system can be easily installed.

On-Line Measuring with Real-Time Notification and Reporting

For higher requirements on measuring we recommended the on-line type. Waiting times, filling levels, handling rates and service level will be continuously transferred in real-time to a server and will be stored in a database. Measured data will be displayed to customers and schedulers on-line on monitors or mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.).