Queue International Public Guidance Systems

At Q we understand the importance of the customer experience to your business.

First impressions are everything and we strive to offer the best in queue management systems, helping for a smoother transition for your visitors, not only enhancing their experience, but increasing the likelihood of repeat visits.

The Q range ensures efficiency of your queues and guarantees durability, all whilst boasting products that look the utmost in professionalism.

Beltrac Belt Barrier

>> Choose from a full suite of post and belt colours and various mounting options.

>> Combine with Poster Holders and various accessories.

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Traditional Post with Rope

>> Exude elegance with our traditional barriers.

>> Classic posts with ropes made from polypropylene or velvet

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StoreTrac Extended Belt Barriers

>> For indoor and outdoor usage with 1 x 12 m or 2 x 22 m belt.

>> Wide range of applications.

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JetTrac Airport Trolley

>>  Quickly and effectively secure planes and reduce ground handling times.

>> Suitable for all weather usage.

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>> Available in a range of different belt lengths and colours, with various mounting options.

>> Can be combined with belt posts.

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NeXtrac Dividing Walls & Doors

>> Wall and doors systems, archways and merchandising units.

>> Can be combined with Beltrac Classic/Extend post with NeXtrac walls, crossbar barrier or acrylic glass.

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Belt imprinting

>> Enhance belts with company colours, messages or logos.

>> Endless possibilities with digital imprinting.

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ShuttleTrac Post Transporter

>> For transport and storage of belt barrier posts.

>> Easy handling.

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Aluminium Poster Frames

>> Ideal accessory to posts.

>> Combine guiding systems with information.

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Wall Receptacle

>> Belt end, magnetic belt end or belt lock.

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Electronic Measuring of Queues

Qtrac iQ is the innovative instrument for real-time measuring of queue waiting times. We help you to keep your service promise, increase service levels and reduce cost in just three steps.

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Qtrac iQ

Product's Flyer

The intelligent solution to manage queues in real-time. Click here for more information.

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Qtrac QCC

Demand-Driven Cleaning

Cleaning and feedback facility management solution for improving customer service.

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Electronic Virtual Queuing System

QtracVR allows customers to queue for services without having to physically wait in line.

It frees customers to shop while they wait, increasing impulse purchases and decreasing perceived wait times.

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Electronic Queuing

Increase efficiency in customer service and inform your customers.

Qtrac's flexibility meets your changing needs.

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